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Poem: Will I?

Posted by on Jan 29, 2014 in Literary Pieces, Poetry | 0 comments

Poem: Will I?

I wrote this poem just after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Will I? The earth raged bringing chaos, tragedy, despair and death… We were all together in the churning destruction…babies slipped away, dogs choked on their last gasp for air as the water won the battle, the heat closed in like an angry force taking the weak as they scrambled ever higher to the pinnacle of a structure they once called home… I saw too much. My soul hurts and yearns to erase the images in my mind’s eye. Was this force a divine plan or a random response to all things past? Each will be left to decide on their own… Will I see the hand reaching out for me? Will I grasp the chance of a new beginning? Will I turn bad to good? Will I make mankind a believer in the human spirit? I went back. I had to. The air choked me, the silence deafened me. They said, “don’t go”…but they didn’t understand. I found her in a dark corner.  Scared and weak, she came to me. I touched her fur and let go of my pain. I saw the look of survival in her eyes. And then I knew…I...

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