Essay: Having Fun

Michelle Mantor with Neema and Miles at the Houston Zoo as published in the December 2014 issue of Houston PetTalk MagazineMichelle_4L3C1303 copy. Photos by Evin Thayer.

One gorgeous Houston day, I was out playing my favorite sport of tennis with some other ladies. I was having a great time and suddenly I realized I was skipping back to my place to return serve. Skipping! Then I had the thought, “What are you doing? You are way too old to be skipping. That’s for children!”

But in reflection. I started wondering why, as adults, are we not supposed to show such frivolousness? Why do we have to behave with such decorum?

Somewhere along life’s journey, society teaches us that the silly, fun, spontaneous actions of a child is not appropriate for an adult. If we were to see someone in the middle of a shopping mall turning circles and looking to the sky and then jumping around and sticking their hand in the water fountain, we would deem that person mentally disturbed. But isn’t that a sad thing to think that we must drop our outward sense of childlike fun to show that we are a sane, responsible grown-up?

Each of us has a different idea of what we think is fun but that’s what makes people interesting –  the fact that we are different. I, for example, liked to play Barbies with my daughter when she was younger. Unfortunately, she has “outgrown” Barbies and I have to wonder is that because she really doesn’t like to play any longer or because she feels she is too old? Can you just imagine how crazy my friends would think I am if I invited them over to play Barbies? It’s unthinkable! (By the way, that’s one of the little known secrets about being a mom. It gives us a chance to play our old childhood favorites without looking like we are nuts!)

Having fun means “to have an amusing or enjoyable experience.” It is good food for our soul to sometimes set aside our more serious concerns, problems and worries to amuse ourselves and give our hearts a reason to smile. For me, going to the zoo and observing animals is fun. I loved feeding the giraffes during my photoshoot. They were not shy about nudging me for more lettuce which of course made me giggle. You can see by the outtakes that I was having a great time!

For pet lovers, the free-spirited nature of animals may be one of the reasons that we find their companionship so fulfilling. If you watch your dog or cat (or most animals), you can see them at play essentially having fun. We may wonder why it appears so amusing to go get a ball and bring it back and go get a ball and bring it back and so on but for whatever reason they find it enjoyable. They don’t seem to really care if we think it’s crazy or not. They are just following their instincts, not rules imposed upon them by the judgments of others. And, what I really find fascinating about animals is that they are willing to play most anytime. Short of not feeling well, any of my pets will hop right up and start playing instantly out of a dead sleep if given the opportunity. I think that’s an awesome characteristic to never miss a nanosecond of a chance to have fun!

Imagine if we could get every human being in the world to stop what they’re doing and have 10 minutes of fun. No matter the gravity of their problems, if they could just be allowed 10 free minutes of joy. This could possibly change the world by showing us that essentially we are all the same but we unintentionally deprive ourselves of one of the best gifts given to us by our Creator which is to experience joy in our hearts.

Sometimes I wonder when I look at the strife in our world, especially the man-made strife of an evil terrorist, how that person got that way. How did their heart get consumed with so much evil? Were they deprived of life’s gifts and the depravity led them to feel animosity and hate? I know it’s idealistic but wouldn’t it be cool if these people could have 10 minutes of fun, feel the joy of it and decide they would rather spread joy than hate? Clearly not going to happen but it is an interesting thought to imagine that taking time for fun could bring world peace.

This holiday season, if even for a moment, do something you think is fun even if it looks silly to the rest of the world. As long as it makes your heart skip a little beat and brings a smile to your face then go ahead and do it…for me, I’ve decided I am not going to stop skipping. I might even skip through the zoo!

Wishing you all the Hope, Wonder, and Joy that the Season can bring and a special note of gratitude to our Military for their courage and sacrifice.

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