Essay: Being Thankful

remydoorMichelle Mantor with  “Remy” – Published in the December 2010 Issue of Houston PetTalk – Photo by Evin Thayer

Well, we’re back! Remy and I are together again for our values feature photo. As many of you know, two years ago when Remy was 13, I thought that would be our last year together so I chose to be photographed with just Remy and not include my two Maltese mixes. Last year, when Remy turned 14, I definitely thought that was the finale and so the little dogs were once again left behind.

Look who’s still here at 15! Yes, the little dogs are like “when will it ever be our turn?” but as long as my girl sticks around, I’ll stick by her as my number 1 sidekick.

Although I make light about Remy’s perseverance in life, I know that having her by my side is a blessing that I am so thankful for. A 15-year-old Briard is quite extraordinary and I find it ironic because she herself is such an extraordinary dog.

I gave thought to writing about perseverance but in the end, I believe Remy’s presence in my life most exemplifies the value of thankfulness:

I’m thankful for the wisdom she has taught me…she inherently knows the right thing to do in all situations.

I’m thankful for her loyalty…she never gives up on me.

I’m thankful for her forgiveness…she doesn’t hold grudges for the walks not taken.

I’m thankful for her inspiration…she gives me lots of ideas for the magazine.

I’m thankful for her protection…she stands guard to defend me at all times.

I’m thankful for her dignity…she is showing me how to grow old with elegance.

I’m thankful for her consistency…I know what to expect from her and there is a confidence in knowing something rather than guessing.

I’m thankful for her sense of humor…she can turn my tears to laughter with her silly antics.

I’m thankful for her attitude…she looks for every opportunity in life to be cheerful.

But mostly I’m thankful for her love…she warms my heart, stands by my side, kisses my cheek and feeds my soul.

So Remy, I sure hope you surprise me and turn sweet 16. But whatever the future holds, just know that I love you my big girl!


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  1. Anke Arnold
    Dec 3, 2014

    Aw, how sweet! And yes, even though Remy is 15, that doesn’t mean she is anywhere near the end of her life. My last dog was with us for 18 years! And being at the age Remy is, which, by the way her beautiful looks do not show in the least, only means she must have an owner that takes excellent care of her! She looks well loved. Kudos to the both of you!

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