Essay: The Value of Nature

4L3C7925Michelle Mantor with Azi; Published in the December 2012 Issue of Houston PetTalk – Photo by Evin Thayer

As young people, we often underestimate the value of nature. The vibrant colors and patterns in a peacock, the calming effect of morning mist rising from a lake as the sun rises, the simplicity in the design of a daisy…these are all gifts that nature bestows upon our lives but appreciating their value can take many years of living a complicated life before we truly understand the brilliance that is simply…nature.

Last year I visited Costa Rica, a country blessed with a plethora of natural resources and beauty – gorgeous beaches, a lush rainforest, fascinating wildlife including colorful parrots and cute monkeys, waterfalls and spectacular sunsets. While there, I also noticed the infrastructure was nowhere near our standards (roads, buildings, etc.) and the locals in the area I visited were living in tiny rundown houses and seemed to have very little economic advantages. And yet they were all smiling, happy and positive in their overall outlook.

I spent some time pondering this (I had a lot of time to ponder on a 4 hour bumpy journey to the coast in what would have been a 1 hour drive on a freeway) and I thought about all of the “unnatural” elements that consume our lives in the U.S. like shopping malls, movie theaters, bowling alleys, treadmills, video games, TV and so on. From cosmetic surgeries and injections to diamonds and expensive adornments, our society has a radar focus on plastic, manufactured and synthetic.

When I was a kid, I can remember that our entertainment was playing outside with whatever things we could find. We made forts, played stick ball, caught fireflies and tadpoles, picked berries, played with our dogs, created games and road bikes. Essentially, we used the outdoors and nature’s bounty to explore and play.

4L3C7931Now, after years of participating in our culture’s move toward gadgetry, multi-tasking, frenzied schedules and indoor entertainment, I’ve come to appreciate and even crave nature. As in most things, balance is key. Being a Libra, I am keenly aware of balance and whenever I feel something in my life has swung too far toward imbalance, I get frustrated and then I realize the reason and work to get back to the “middle”.

Yes, we have come to depend on technology to the point that we almost have no choice but to use it otherwise we cannot function effectively in the business world and to some degree our private lives. We marvel at the latest features of the iPhone and stand in line for hours to see a Twilight movie release. And although these are impressive, nothing is more impressive than God’s design of nature.

The majestic beauty of this horse next to me, the perfect colors on a Clownfish, the glory of an old oak tree that comes to life again every Spring…these are also things that I hope we never forget to marvel at.

Perhaps the Costa Ricans have it figured out. They are still living close to nature without so many unnatural elements pushing through into the relationship. They work with their hands, eat natural foods from their gardens, play outdoors with whatever Mother Nature provides.

As another year wanes, it seems “natural” to take stock of our lives and figure out what is working and what isn’t. Take a look at your own relationship with nature. Do you stop to appreciate it? Do you work to preserve it?  We are surrounded by natural “art”. Don’t speed through the museum of life and miss the best part.


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