Essay: Forgiveness

Michelle & Remy 2

Michelle Mantor and “Remy” – Published in Houston PetTalk, December Issue, 2008 Photo by Evin Thayer


It is my deep-seated belief that our souls mature and age over time (like a good wine or cheese) and one of the signs that we are progressing toward maturity is the ability to embrace forGIVEness. Living life in this world challenges us with obstacles and envelopes us with our own construed expectations.
So, as we live amongst other souls, undoubtedly we will be hurt, transgressed against and disappointed by others. Our real test of personal growth is to give up the negative feelings, let go of the ill will and seek the positive forces in the situation. The yen and yang of life assures us there is an opposite side of bad and that, of course, is good.
The exciting thing about forgiveness is that it is good for us! Releasing negative energy frees us and opens our hearts to more goodness. We make room to love, give and through our giving, receive.
The best way to observe and learn forgiveness is to look at our pets. They don’t hold grudges; they love unconditionally and their hearts are open to giving and receiving every single day. Time and time again, we witness an animal that has been mistreated by humans but still runs to a new person, ready to love and be loved. They are not burdened with thoughts of revenge, jealousy or disappointment in the actions of others.
This Holiday season, take one more step in the journey of life and give the gift of true forgiveness. Your gift will come back to you many-fold as you lift up someone else’s spirit and nourish your soul.

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